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What is BovaCoin

  • Bovacoin is a new cryptocurrency, similar to bitcoin and ethereum but different in many ways.

  • Bovacoin is a form of digital money that can be used to transfer value across international borders with almost zero fees

  • Bovacoin transactions are secured from tampering through the use of cryptographic functions.

  • Profit with Bovacoin

    There are a 3 major ways to make profit with the BovaCoin cryptocurrency.

    Wallet Staking

    Profit: 0.3% per day

    Wallet Staking is a process through which you earn more BovaCoins, which you can convert to Bitcoin. But unlike Bitcoin, you do not need a powerful computer. All you have to do is hold BovaCoins in your wallet for a fixed period of time.

    Smart Staking

    Profit: up to 5.0% per day

    Smart Staking is similar to wallet staking but different in two ways, first, when you choose to smart stake, you hold bovacoins in your wallet for a longer period of time and secondly, you earn far more coins than with wallet staking.

    CopyCat Trading

    Profit: varies

    If you prefer to trade your coins on your own, you can follow the trades of our financial team ,they average between 2% - 7% per day, a real-time graph of their trades is shown below.

    Our Realtime Portfolio

    A realtime chart of the cryptocurrencies the finance team is currently holding is displayed below, we average between 2% - 7% profit daily, only follow along if you are a professional and understand the risks of day trading. We are not responsible for your losses. We recommend Smart staking for non-professionals.


    The amount you decide to smart stake determines your interest rate, as shown below.

    Stake Amount Max. Daily Interest Daily Bonus Max. monthly Interest Stake Period
    $100 - $1,000 5% 0 155% 120 days
    $1,100 - $5,000 5% +0.15% 159.65% 80 days
    $5,100 - $10,000 5% +0.25% 162.75% 70 days
    $10,100 - $100,000 5% +0.30% 164.3% 50 days

    BovaCoin Affiliate Program

    Our Affiliate program can be used as a source of extra income on the bovacoin platform. Share your affiliate link with your friends and members of your community.
    You can find your affiliate link in your dashboard when you login.

    Level Commission
    1 5%
    2 3%
    3 2%
    4 1%
    5 0.5%

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